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Where Innovation & Creativity Play


Since beginning my journey as an industrial designer, my dedication to the work and motivation to grow have led me to exceptional projects and experiences.
I worked for Ford Motor Company , I have worked for several toy companies, I have owned my own hot rod shop, designing and building custom cars and i have
patented and sold my inventions.


Take a moment to explore my portfolio, which includes a combination of collaborations, commissioned work and consulting projects. My illustrations have appreared in magazines, packages and brochures. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to learn more.

As the owner of Toying Around, a product development consulting company, I have successfully collaborated with numerous companies, both large and small.

For BKD, I transformed a modest company with sales under $1K into a thriving $25K business. This accomplishment was achieved through the creation of innovative products, expansion into new categories, addition of licenses, establishment of sales representatives and securing new retail partnerships. I meticulously supervised the entire process, from concept to development, design, prototyping, sales and manufacturing.

My expertise includes extensive experience in working with factories in China.

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From idea through all phases of development, design, prototypes, sales, and manufacturing...

Growing up in car-centric California, my passion for becoming a car designer was kindled at an early age. My parents were artistic and do it yourself types that fostered a creative environment. I absorbed invaluable experience from my surroundings that would shape my career.


Eager to further pursue my ambition to become a car designer, I enrolled at San Jose State University where I graduated with honors, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design. I was privileged to be awarded a prestigious Chrysler scholarship. During my summers I spent my free time assisting faculty members with their projects. As a culmination of my education, I secured an internship at IBM during my senior year in their esteemed Industrial Design Department. These early formative experiences helped me to develop a solid foundation on both the technical and creative aspects of design and honed my abilities to tackle any design challenge.

Top Quality Services

I welcome the opportunity to assist you with any of your design needs


Companies I have worked for either as an employee or a consultant



500 Terry Francine St.
San Francisco, CA 94158

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