Growing up in California in a car crazy family, it was my dream to become a car designer. Both my parents were artistic and creative and from them I learned much of what I would do in life. I attended San Jose State University and graduated with honors with a BS in Industrial Design. In my senior year I worked for IBM as an intern in the Industrial Design Department.

My first job after graduation, I got my dream job. I was hired by Ford Motor Company to work as a designer. As a side note, getting a job as a car designer, according to Car and Driver Magazine, was harder than getting into the NBA. I worked in several studios and designed all kinds of cars, trucks, the Boss Mustang, interiors and consumer products for Philco, a division of Ford.


I then moved from Dearborn, Michigan to New York  for my first job in  the toy business. I worked  for several companies as a designer and as VP of R&D. I then started my own consulting company, Toying Around International, and over the years designed toys and consumer products for many companies. I also did illustrations for car magazines, packaging and sales brochures.


At the same time, I taught illustration at the New School. I then helped design the curriculum for a new degree program, toy design at FIT. I then was a toy design instructor at FIT. During this time, I also started Rod Tech, a company that designed and built hot rods and custom cars. We also did restorations of collector cars. One of my consulting jobs was as head of boys' toys for ToyMax.

One of my current consulting jobs is with Bright Kingdom Development, a Hong Kong based company . As the head of product development, sales, marketing and licensing, the company grew from sales of $1M to sales of $40M. During this time with BKD, I have learned the China sourcing business and been awarded patents on many of my ideas. My consulting business takes me to Hong Kong and China 5-6 times a year.

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