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As the owner of Toying Around, a product development consulting company, I have worked with many companies both large and small. .Over 16 years, for Bright Kingdom Development, I turned a small toy company, with sales of less than $1K into a $25K company by creating innovative products, expanding into new categories, adding licenses, finding reps and selling new retailers. I supervised the entire process, from idea through all phases of development, design, prototypes, sales, and manufacturing.  I learned the China sourcing business, worked with manufacturing, and been awarded patents on some of my ideas. I found and recruited sales reps for TRU, Walmart, Target, Walgreens and others. I have extensive experience in working with factories in China.

At Dollar General, BKD was number one with the most toys in the store.

At TRU, BKD have over 20 items in private label brands including Fastlane, Animal Planet, Journey Girl, Bruin Preschool and Just Like Home.

 I was able to get the Shark Week license for BKD. BKD is the  master toy licensor for Shark Week. I created and designed a comprehensive product line. At Walmart, for the 30th anniversary for shark week, out of 30 products on the Shark Week pallet train, BKD had the top 3 SKU’s in dollar and sales volume. Our #1 item, a playset, sold out before Shark Week aired. The Walmart toy buyer said he have never seen a product sell this fast.

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